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Weekly Bulletin ~ Monthly Newsletter ~ Roanoke Greek Festival

Monday - January 18 - 9:00AM
Divine Liturgy for Sts Athanasios & Cyril
(Orthros 8AM)

Saturday - January 23 - 9:00AM
Divine Liturgy for the Hieromartyr Clement of Ancyra
(Orthros 8AM)

Saturday - January 30 - 9:00AM
Divine Liturgy for the Three Hierarchs
(Orthros 8AM)

Virtual Sunday School 2020-21

Attendance Guidelines During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

1. Take your temperature: if you have a fever or are not completely well, do not come to church.
2. Wear a mask the entire time at church (except communion) and sanitize you hands at the church entrance.
3. Follow the usher as he/she will take you to your seat.
4. Please do not move around unnecessarly (or allow children to leave their seats).
5. Bathrooms are limited to one person at a time.
6. Prosphora will be available in individual bags to take at the end of the service when exiting the church.
7. Please do not congregate but go directly to cars and leave after the service.

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Sunday Worship: Orthros 9:00am ~ Divine Liturgy 10:00am ~ Vespers each Saturday at 5:30pm

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